Cinnamon Buns & Muffins

The Highlevel Diner has won the Best Cinnamon Bun in the City Contest almost every time it has been run. Our buns have been declared by some of our guests as the best in the Province. Delight your friends, co-workers and family — Bring our famous giant cinnamon buns to your next meeting or gathering. Order by noon the day ahead and we will bake a dozen for you.  Your specially-made cinnamon buns will be ready for pick-up any time after 9:00 a.m. the next morning.  As an added bonus, you can take a container of our wonderful Caramel Bourbon Sauce (yes, the stuff that goes on our bread pudding) to dip your buns, or pour the sauce over, or just simply drink it (if no one is watching).

Many guests are equally adamant that our muffins are addictive. It’s that little bit of love we put into each of them that keeps people coming for their daily bit of bran. Choose from date nut or orange nut.   Our chef purchases top-quality nuts from California and the difference shows in the delicious crusty topping made of walnuts, almonds, coconut, and currants.  Muffins can be ordered a day ahead for pick-up too.

Click on the picture to see how delicious they are.